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The doctors in our practice often utilize X-Ray testing of feet and ankles to evaluate possible bone pathology that may be the cause of a painful foot or ankle condition.  Hugar Foot Clinic changed from old film based X-Rays to advanced Digital X-Ray systems many years ago and never looked back.  Multiple upgrades in hardware and software over the years have kept us on the cutting edge of high tech imaging studies.  Digital X-Rays have several benefits when compared to traditional X-Ray systems.  Less radiation is used with digital X-Rays versus regular film and less repeat studies are required due to the fast computerized processing and auto-correction 

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of exposure imperfections.  Testing to viewing time is drastically reduced because there is no need to wait for the X-Ray film to be developed and processed.  Instead, with computerized digital technology, new X-rays able to be viewed within minutes on a laptop or computer monitor screen.  These X-ray images can then be magnified, darkened, lightened, or adjusted on a monitor to allow patients and doctors to better view and identify discrete elements of foot and ankle pathology.  The doctors at Hugar Foot & Ankle Specialists will then be able to provide a better and more accurate diagnosis while enabling patients to have a clearer understanding of their injury or condition.  In addition, patients’ anxiety and tension

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levels are often reduced when they do not have to wait for results of their new X-Ray images.  The elimination of film also increases office efficiency and safety as well as reduces the need for hazardous waste disposal of dangerous film processing chemicals.

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Hugar Foot & Ankle Specialists recognize the importance of patient protection during radiation exposure and provide proper protection during X-Ray testing.  The use of digital X-Rays is essential to our practice because outside research studies have shown that the process can reduce the amount of radiation exposure by 75% or more, according to digital radiography experts.  We believe that the overall health and well being of the patient is a priority even during X-Ray testing.   Additionally, Digital X-Rays decrease the time between radiation exposure and viewing time of developed images, thereby improving medical professionals’ overall decision skills according to digital radiology writer, Guillermo Sander on October 14, 2016.

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Common Digital X-Ray Questions

Do digital X-rays contain chemicals?

-No, they do not contain chemicals. Digital X-rays do not use films that require film processors which often contain harmful chemicals.

Can my practitioner share my X-rays with other doctors?

-Yes, within moments, we can send X-rays to our doctors since the images are digitally displayed. This advantage improves communication between our team so that we can provide the best quality care.

Will my insurance cover digital X-rays?

Most insurance companies recognize the benefits of digital X-rays, so X-rays are usually a covered benefit.  Affordable payment plans can be arranged for those procedures that are not covered by an insurance plan.

When using digital X-rays, how is the quality compared to traditional X-rays?

-The quality of the images when using digital X-rays is much more detailed compared to traditional X-rays. Patients and doctors can see distinct features of the images by adjusting the size of the photo. Therefore, we can obtain a more accurate reading of the X-ray.

Article and research by KPA, HFC communications intern, 2017

Hugar Foot & Ankle Specialists include board-certified podiatric surgeons who specialize in the treatment of foot and ankle pathology, injuries and diseases.  Our practice offers outpatient surgery procedures, on-site digital X-Ray testing, custom foot & ankle orthotics, advanced wound care methods, shockwave EPAT treatments, LASER surgery, and physical therapy services.


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