Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics. (also Custom Arch Supports)

Maybe you need…orthotics

Sometimes feet can be a real pain.

You have only one pair of feet and they take you everywhere. So, it’s a good idea to take care of them. But, most people don’t give their feet a second thought…that is, not until they hurt. And once those feet are hurting, most have no idea how to eliminate the pain. They often soak their aching feet or take time out for a quick foot rub, but outside of these remedies, their feet just go on hurting. That can lead to serious trouble. Most foot pain is the result of a faulty relationship between the bones and muscles of the foot. Even the slightest misalignment of the bones and muscles can cause a lot of discomfort. Misalignment can result in a number of problems, such as pronation, flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, bunions, corns, calluses…even back and neck pain.

But there is something that can help these problems. Something better than warm water in a tub and occasional massages. Prescription orthotics.

What are orthotics.

Some people call them “arch supports” but they really aren’t; they’re much more. Prescription orthotics are custom-made devices which compensate for your individual foot problems. They are made of high-impact materials, such as plastic and super-strength carbon fibers, and they’re designed to be inserted right into your shoes.

The most important feature of a pair of orthotics is they’re made specifically for your feet. You and someone else may have a similar foot problem, but your feet are unique. They’re not like anyone else’s. That’s why orthotics are custom-made.

Once orthotics are slipped inside your shoes, they fit comfortably to your foot. So comfortable, in fact, that once you start wearing them you won’t want to walk without them again.

How do they work?

As your foot rests on the orthotic it is gently and consistently directed into the correct position for walking, running, and standing. With a pair of orthotics, pressure points, improper rotation of the foot, and painful muscle strain are all eliminated because your foot is functioning properly.

How are orthotics made?

First you must be fitted for them. It’s not hard. Your doctor performs a complete examination and determines your particular foot problem. He then obtains an impression of your feet with our new 3D scanner, fiberglass slippers, or plaster splints. The impression or image of your feet are sent to an orthotic laboratory where they are used to produce your orthotics. Here, orthotic technicians, following your doctor’s specifications, add special features and accommodations to customize the orthotic to correct your specific problem.

The lab sends them back to your doctor…and they’re ready for walking.

How long will I have to wear them?

There’s really not an answer to this question. You see, orthotics do not cure your foot problem. They work on the same principle as glasses…a doctor may prescribe glasses for you, but they won’t cure your vision problems. Instead, orthotics simply modify the function of your foot as you continue to wear them. However, in some young patients, the early use of prescription orthotics before the bones are fully developed may actually correct the foot problem. Or at least, they can insure that the problem does not develop further.

In other words… you’ll need to wear orthotics as long as you want to avoid discomfort.

Remember, your feet are the foundation for your entire body. Obtaining and consistently wearing orthotics can be the best investment you can make in your overall well-being.

WARNING! Many imitations are sold over the counter by sport shops and pharmacies. Genuine orthotics are prescription medical devices which correct your abnormal foot function and minimize your foot problem.

Hugar Foot & Ankle Specialists include board certified podiatric surgeons who specialize in treatment of injuries & diseases of the foot & ankle. Custom orthotics can be prescribed, fabricated, and dispensed faster than ever with the addition of our new 3D scanner. Our facility also includes an outpatient same day surgery center, an on-site X-Ray department, and physical therapy services.

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